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Flexfoil technology is U.S. patent 8,157,607 and pending internationally.
  • 10.25" x 13.25" Size
  • 90g Weight
  • 150'+ Advanced Throws
  • Wind Gust Endurance Up To 15mph
  • For ages 13+ or with adult supervision
The Next Generation Throwing Disc
The Hela Disc is a new utility patented design - engineered for a uniquely dynamic
and easier throwing experience. Amazingly, the Hela Disc boasts 150% more distance
over traditional discs and improved accuracy over recreational rings at distances over 150'.
Short for flexible airfoil, "FlexFoil" is what we're calling the technology behind the next generation of flying discs. The Hela is the first throwing disc engineered to change shape during flight.
Disc changes shape when rotating up to 7.5 Hz
...faster mid-flight performance and long range accuracy.
Minimum Airfoil*
Maximum Airfoil*
*side views shown with exaggerated disc curvature
  • Wall Street Journal
    "Once you get used to the weight you'll find yourself throwing long bombs with accuracy."
  • New York Times
    "To add a little zing to an age-old game, this oblong plastic throwing toy acts a lot like a Frisbee but is less prone to wind currents, making is a candidate for a day at the shore."
  • Men's Journal
    "It's taken a long time for someone to seriously challenge the Frisbee for flying disc supremacy, but the Hela Disc has ousted the king."
  • TechCrunch
    "It's not just a flat ring, but has a curve to it and some other micro-features that make it easier to, say, throw straight in gusty weather."
  • Maxim
    "Because of the Hela Disc's novel design it can be tossed up to 300 feet with a single flick."
  • Gizmodo
    "Once you've got the hang of it, it zips along with less effort than a typical disc."
Yours Free!
Heladay App V1.1

Quickly determine if the current outdoor conditions are ideal for your preferred game play.

Set your own customizable parameteres:

Location • Max Wind Speed • Temperature Range
Max Precipitation • Time Range

Also allows your to:

• Invite your friends to join you through text message or your favorite social network.

• Stay up-to-date with latest product-related info.

• Buy merchandise from the official store or from select participating retailers.

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